Debbie Quintana, CEO of Jocelyn & Co.

I've done a few things with my businesses and I can help you do a few things too. I'm passionate about helping others and once I understand what you want to do, I can help you get there faster and I might be able give you some ideas on how to do it even better.

I am skilled in all facets of business management including marketing, sales, e-commerce, high level strategy, program development and process efficiency. I love the CRM process and setting businesses up to exceed expectations.

Let's talk about where you are, where you want to do and if I can help you. I truly do care.


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Debbie Quintana lives in Surprise, Arizona with her husband Alex. She's the CEO of Jocelyn & Co., a specialty food and gifting company. She holds a business management degree from UOP. She's received multiple awards including: 40 under 40” Silicon Valley Innovator, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Woman Role Model in WE Magazine, WNA Leadership Award, Solomon Award, Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, Women's Initiative Organization, Woman of Influence, Silicon Valley Business Journal

  • Business Consulting

    If you're looking to start something new, improve an existing business or work more efficiently, Debbie has two flexible packages of 5 and 10 hours. Sessions are typically 30 minutes and you schedule them based on your needs.

  • Website Development

    Shopify is our preferred platform and we want to fully understand and contribute to your overall plan. If you're looking to increase your AOV, we have strategies that can be built into your site. The more we know the better we can build.

  • BOHO BABE - Jocelyn & Co. Drop Ship

    Design & Fulfillment

    If you have a need for gift design services, product development help and/or fulfillment services - we do it all. We can work with you to design your product line, take photos, upload to your website and ship orders on your behalf.

  • CEO Desktop - Jocelyn & Co. Drop Ship

    Gift Drop Ship

    If you love our gifts, we can add them to your Shopify website and when you get an order, we'll ship it for you. You receive a 30% discount from us and the entire process is automated.

  • Process Improvements

    Improve your margins by breaking them down and seeing if there is a way to become more efficient. Improve your relationship with your clients by offering them an enhanced experience. Sell more, innovate.

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy

    Let's begin with an overall strategy that meets your goals and then break it down into bite size pieces. From digital marketing to your reputation, social influence to affiliates, we have a lot of opportunities to boost your business.