Custom Orders & Fulfillment Information

We are please to provide custom designs, fulfillment services and on demand dropshipping services on a project and on-going basis. We have done over 1,000 fulfillment jobs and have developed advice and policies to ensure costs are affordable and we're working as efficiently as possible. We'll treat your project like our own - every step of the way and pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail.

We respectfully request the following:

Design & Finishing

  • Prior to accepting a project and providing a production quote, we need to see the design and the way it will be packaged/shipped including the finishing.
  • If we are providing design services and photography for you in advance, we provide two iterations of design free of charge. Please provide as much direct detail of the design as possible so we are using the time of our design team efficiently.
  • Design samples can be provided and require payment for all supplies, production and shipping.
  • Please note our shrink tunnel can accommodate designs that are 15" in width, however, we have the ability to hand shrink larger designs. We also have a bubble on demand machine for protecting your gifts during shipping.


  • You are required to provide all products prior to an order being assembled or filled. This includes shipping materials (boxes, shred, packaging materials) with the exception of shipping tape and labels.
  • If you are using Jocelyn & Co. inventory (thank you!), we will allocate inventory for you and have it ready for your project.
  • Please note we do not purchase product on your behalf and bill back.
  • Product should arrive to our warehouse at least a week in advance which will allow us to conduct inventory and set up our production properly. Please note we do line production un-kitted. Do not kit your designs.
  • An estimated production time will be quoted, however, please always allow 1-2 days for unexpected delays. In-house printing of cards, for example, will require an extra day of production time.
  • A shared spreadsheet link will be provided to you so you can follow along with our production stages.

Beer & Wine

  • If you require wine or beer as a part of your design and do not have a license, we'll procure the wine and beer on your behalf, which must be paid in advance.
  • Please note that wine and beer is non-returnable so if you're estimating your order, we recommend under-estimating. Often times, we can get beer and wine same day.
  • Shipping alcohol requires an adult signature which typically adds between $5-$7 per package. We recommend researching the actual shipping charges so you are aware of your total cost.

The Details

  • If we are including custom cards with your designs, please provide them printed with envelopes. If you are unable to do this a week prior, we can provide card printing services for an additional fee.
  • If you're looking to use printed ribbon, we recommend using Ribbon Warehouse in Florida.


  • UPS and USPS pick up from our facility on a daily basis, however, during the holiday, allow for an extra day for shipping in the event pick up is inconsistent.
  • We offer individual dropship services or pallet arrangement.
  • You are responsible for providing access to Shipstation (or similar). We'll log into your account, add the shipping box, weight and print the labels directly from your account. This allows for optimum efficiency and since you're paying for the shipping fee directly, we will not upcharge your shipping.
  • If you need help with LTL, we recommend Freightquote.
  • Once the project is complete, any left over supplies should be arranged to be disposed and/or shipped within 7 days.

Returns and Address Issues

  • We ask that you verify your addresses in Shipstation (or similar) as we do not assume responsibility for incomplete or incorrect addresses. We will do our best to research an incorrect address first.
  • Should we receive a packaging back, you'll be notified the same day so you can provide a new address for shipping. 


  • Payment is required at the time of booking our services and paid via ACH or a 3% fee will be charged.
  • If there are any other fees calculated in addition the base fees charged, we'll issue a supplemental invoice for your approval prior to work being done.
  • For on-going drop ship services, please note we charge a flat rate fee which includes the production of your design, finishing, boxing and shipping. Our typical rates range from $4-$12 depending on the complexity of the design.  Designs that require shrink wrapping vs. a box take longer, therefore will be more expensive.
  • If you are storing inventory in our warehouse, depending on the amount of space, we may charge a monthly fee.

If you have questions, would like more information, please contact Travis Woodward (408) 250-2531,