Luxe Reserve Membership - Dropship Program

Luxe Reserve Membership - Dropship Program

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Jocelyn & Co. Luxe Reserve Membership includes the ability for you to load our gifts on your site and upon receiving an order, we'll ship the gift for you.

Basic Membership for Non-Shopify Websites $24 per month
For any website other than Shopify, a CSV will be provided to you for upload into your website. When you receive an order, you'll log into the JCO Dropship website and place the order at cost.

Shopify Websites: We offer website services if you need a new website. We build all sites on Shopify.

Automate Your Orders & Products
If you have a Shopify website, you can elect for the automation module to be installed on your site for a one time fee of $55. Your orders will automatically flow to us and all products will be automatically updated. This app is $10 per month paid directly through Shopify. Search for "automation" on this website to order.

If you have a Shopify website and do not want to have the automation module installed, you can manually import our CSV and place orders on our site.

Full Service Membership for Shopify Websites $45 per month
This level of service includes website maintenance on a monthly basis including updating front page graphics, adding/removing collections, minor updates and app installation per your request.

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